Create Your Own Happiness 

Here’s a topic that many people struggle with, happiness. As you know from previous post, I struggle with anxiety and depression. It started to really take a toll on me. I wasn’t happy with anything. I wasn’t happy with myself, school, work etc. and I wasn’t exactly sure why. I knew if I wanted to be happy I had to do something. I had to make a change that will get me out of my depression. The moment I realized I was through being depressed, crying each day and night, was the moment I decided that I will be happy

In order to achieve true happiness it has to be something that you desire. I’m sure we all wish we could go to the store and purchase happiness from a shelf and voila, we are happy, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. You have to go out and seek YOUR OWN happiness. Nothing or no one can give it to you, and it definitely can’t be bought. Sure, money may make you happy for the time being, but eventually that “happiness” that you’re feeling for the moment will eventually fade away. You have to be just as happy with nothing as you would be with everything. 

A mistake that I tend to see people make when searching for happiness is looking for it in something else whether it’s a relationship, or materlistic things. Don’t look for your happiness in those things as they are not guaranteed to last forever. You must be first happy with yourself. Love yourself first and be happy with the things that you already have, then everything else will follow.

 Don’t compare yourself to others. Constantly comparing yourself to others and worried about about what the next person has and what you don’t have, can have a negative impact on your happiness. It can make you feel like you’re behind. Everyone progresses at their own time. When you see someone who is truly happy and doing well don’t feel down, be happy for them and use their happiness as your encouragement. Tell yourself that eventually someday you’ll gain happiness. 

As mentioned in my previous post “Inhale Confidence & Exhale Doubt” a postive mindset can also help you gain happiness. Remain postive even in negative situations. If you tend to let everything bother you, then it will have an affect on your happiness. 

Just like confidence, true happiness isn’t something that is going to come overnight.  It took me a while to get where I am today. I’m not where I want to be, but I’m better than where I use to be, and that’s all that matters. Progression. Keep progressing, and eventually you’ll be there! 

– Alexis Raven 🌸


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