He’s just moving the pieces around…

We have all put together a puzzle at least once in our life. Some puzzles have more pieces than others, thus making it frustrating and more difficult to solve. Sometimes, you think you may have a matching piece that fits with another, but you don’t so you have to rearrange certain pieces of the puzzle to make it fit. As the puzzle progresses, the puzzle starts to become less challenging and easier to solve. Same as putting together a piece of furniture, or building something new. For example, let’s say you were putting together and you realize that it isn’t coming together as it should be, you have to move pieces around to figure out what works together.

I often think of life the same way. I believe that God is just moving the pieces around for the better. There have been situations in my life where I didn’t understand why God was rearranging the “pieces” until the later. Same as how “everything happens for a reason”. That’s when I realized he was placing me where I belong which worked out much better in the end.

We often try to go against gods plans and create our own, but we have to realize that God is the one in control. He wouldn’t give us anything we couldn’t handle so he will only be placing us where he sees best fit.

Whenever you are feeling down or defeated because things aren’t working out as planned, do not get discouraged. If you feel that some things in your life are falling apart, just think of pieces in your life being rearranged for the better. God is working on putting you exactly where he sees fit!


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