One of a kind… Introvert

An introvert is NOT the same as being antisocial. Many people believe introverts are antisocial and that is not the case. Antisocial, literally meaning “against society” is a personality disorder. People who are anti social do not engage in socializing with others nor do they enjoy the company of other people. They are often disrespectful and violate the rights of others. On the other hand, introverts enjoy company but to a certain extent.

I have always been an introvert for as long as I can remember. Many people have the misconception that I am just quiet and lonely with no friends and shocked when they discover I have a boyfriend (like really?). I prefer to chill at home or go shopping or out to lunch with one or two friends than to be the life of a party every night with strangers (extremely overwhelming for me).

Being an introvert simply means I enjoy spending time alone BY CHOICE which is different from being lonely. I need time to recharge after a night out which is something I don’t do very often unless it’s with my boyfriend De’Shure. I do not enjoy going out every night or weekend. I do not care to talk on the phone or text everyday as it becomes draining to me.

I’m actually not that quiet, only in public around strangers. I love to talk, but only about things that truly interest me. Get me started on a topic I am passionate about, and I’ll probably never shut up (lol). I don’t enjoy small talk. I rather sit and not say a word than to discuss the weather or how’s school going (eh). It usually comes off as “stuck up” to some people, but I’m far from being stuck up. For this reason, I get many comments from people telling me to “come out my shell” or “loosen up.”

I hate when people tell me to come out my shell especially before getting to know me. I am who I am. I’m 99.9% sure I will always be this way and that’s okay! This is for anyone out there who feels pressured to change their personality. God created you exactly the way you are meant to be. You don’t have to change yourself to please others. Don’t let anyone try to convert you from being the awesome introvert you are!

– Alexis Raven 🌸


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      1. The book’s name is Quiet, by Susan Cain. An excellent book about introverts. She also had a ted talk about the power of introverts :). Hope you enjoy it. Keep up the good work. Thanks.


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